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Orange Class - Year 1

Orange Class Home Learning

We may not be in school but learning can still carry on!

What learning can you be doing if you can't access Google classrooms?

  • Reading regularly: This can be your school reading book, a library book from school, your own books at home or books online. Last week's focus was on Fiction but you could also see which different types of Non-Fiction (Information books) you can read. Focus on: Comprehension and reading words using phonics and recognising 'tricky words' by sight. Miss Parker will add a book review template for when you have read a Fiction book and later this week will add a Non-Fiction book review sheet for you to fill in.
  • Phonics activities: Miss Parker will add sheets for you to follow what has been sent to Google classrooms last week. Monday Phonics focus: Alternative ways of saying 'ou'. (Resources and links to help do this will follow shortly). Most of the phonics activities are linked to Phonicsplay website Once on there, if you add the code it gives you can access the games that the children are used to in class. A 'How to use' sheet will be added shortly.
  • Writing activities: Completing a book review after reading. Writing sentences linked to the daily phonics focus. Monday focus: Alternative ways of saying 'ou'. (Resources and links to help do this will follow shortly). Writing your 'Weekend news'.
  • Maths activities: This week's focus is on 'Length and Height' then 'Weight and Volume'. If your child brought home their 'School Closed Pack' on Friday 20th March then you will find some other Maths activities in that-Counting in 2s, 5s, 10s etc. Miss Parker will add some Length and Height activity ideas and sheets soon.
  • Science: The focus from last week is 'Plants' and continues this week too. Can you name and label parts of a plant? This week: What do plants need in order to grow? The project will be to choose a seed and get it to grow then observe what happens over the next few weeks! On Tuesday 31st, more ideas of how to go about doing this will be added to this class page.
  • History topic: Dungeons and Dragons. We will be finishing this topic this week so before then can you find out about how Knights protect themselves when they have to go to battle? Using resources online and ones Miss Parker will attach-Can you find out about the Battle of Hastings and what happened?
  • PE/Keeping Fit and Healthy: Joe Wicks (Celebrity Fitness Coach) has been doing a daily PE slot at 9am on You Tube from last week. Have a look if you want to keep fit! There will also be ideas shortly from 'The Learning Station' and 'Out of the Ark' to keep fit through song and movement.
  • Art and Design: If you have been able to go out on a 'daily' exercise walk or bike ride, have you seen any rainbows in windows? If so-how about making one of your own then emailing Miss Parker a picture of it so she can add to the Rainbows already done by Orange class. This week, she is hoping to get together photos of Orange class Castles, Dragons and Knights that are being made, so if you haven't made one of these ideas yet, then get making! Another art activity this week is to make a Rainbow Wind chime for your garden.

Home School Learning timetable:

Please find attached an example of a possible timetable that could be followed this week and adapted for the Summer term. As the 'home school learning' timetable has to fit around what you are able to do with your child, it is ok to mix and match activities, add your own, etc especially if you have other children at home too from different age groups. Attached is also an example of a timetable from Twinkl (Home Learning hub) that takes into account different age groups at home and gives links direct to their website.

Hope these help! 

If you can't access Orange Class Google classrooms due to needing a copy of your child's log in details then please email Miss Parker using her school email address which was sent to all Orange class Parents in a Parentmail email from Mrs Gooch on Friday 27th March. 

While Google classrooms does work on most devices including Android/Apple phones, tablets, laptops and computers, if you are still having trouble then let Miss Parker know what device you are using and she can let ASSET technical staff to see if this can be sorted. Until then please use ideas on this page.

Here is a good website to use while school is closed and if accessing Google Classrooms is not possible at present. 

Beware of the Dragons that have made their home in the villages! Or they could be really friendly!

Castles and Knights:work done at home for the class topic 'Dungeons and Dragons'

History project: The Battle of Hastings

Jobs that are done in a castle

Work from Week 2 of Home Learning and Google Classrooms

Work from Week 1 of Google Classrooms and Home learning. I wanted to share some of the lovely work the children have been doing this week.

For our first week of Google Classrooms and learning at home, look at some of these lovely rainbows to keep us all smiling!

Using 'Part-Whole' model in addition.

Forest Schools fun 11th September 2019

Making number lines in a variety of ways

Sorting objects in Maths

During their independent choosing time, some of the boys chose to sort the wooden blocks into colour groups, after we had been learning about ways of sorting objects in class Maths sessions this week.

Sports day fun!

Fun with Amy Smith!

How can I support my child with phonics at home?

Here is the link to the phonics play website.

  • Choose phase 5 from the left column
  •  One of the games the children like playing is called Picnic on Pluto. They can choose a phoneme they would like to work on. The split digraphs are ones they may find quite tricky (a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, u-e) 

We planted broad beans! 21.3.19

Forest Fun!

Making a friend for the Gruffalo!

Toy Robot Dance

Still image for this video
Orange Class have had one lesson on making a toy robot dance, but did so well they wanted to share their dance in their assembly.