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Image of the week 5

Images of the Week

Image #5            Artist: Kenneth McKendry.              

Kenneth McKendry is a portrait artist and illustrator. He studied Illustration at the University of Brighton and was commissioned to paint various dignitaries from the University.

Title of Work – Portrait of Professor John Vernon Lord.

John Lord was Kenneth McKendry’s tutor at the University of Brighton and is himself a famous illustrator who has illustrated texts including Aesop's Fables, The Nonsense Verse of Edward Lear; the Folio Society's Myths and Legends of the British Isles and classics of English literature including the work of Lewis Carroll and James Joyce. John Lord has written and illustrated several children's books. His book The Giant Jam Sandwich has been in print since 1972.

Date: 1999          Medium: Oil on board          Dimensions: 91 x 71 cm

Additional resources: Illustrating Ulysses by John Vernon Lord

This is another painting of John Lord by Kenneth McKendry. It was painted in the same place but many years later.


Why did the artist choose to paint his teacher?

Why do you think he painted John Lord holding a book?

Compare the two paintings. What’s the same? What’s different?


Draw or paint a portrait of someone who inspires you. You may wish to include an object linked to why they inspire you (like the book that John Lord is holding).