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Image #3 

Dorothy Coke – Grand Parade, Brighton before demolition 1964

Artist: Dorothy Coke.

Dorothy Coke taught at Brighton School of Art from 1939 and was also a prolific artist. In 1947, Brighton became a regional art college, attracting more students from a wider area. War and its aftermath had already delayed building plans and by the late 1950s the old school desperately lacked space and equipment. Nevertheless, Dorothy Coke's 34 numbered drawings recording the School of Art before it was redeveloped in the 1964 were a 'requiem' - the word 'Why' appears alongside one of them.

Title of Work: Grand Parade, Brighton before demolition in 1964

Date: 1964

Medium: Ink and watercolour

Dimensions: 38.5 x 49 cm framed


  • Why do you think the artist did not use straight lines for the doors, windows?
  • How many different 2D shapes can you identify?
  • Why do you think the artist chose not to include people or means of transport?


Challenge: Draw your home in a similar style.