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Early Help Offer

'Early Help' describes any support offered to a child or family to meet a need not being met by usual provision, but that does meet the threshold for Child Social Services. The Early Help Offer is about schools working with partners in health and education services to help children and their families deal with any problems as soon as possible. This may involve direct work with the child or family, or signposting possible resources and services to support them.


In-school Early Help

  • supported transition for reception and in-year admissions
  • nurture group
  • safeguarding protocols
  • lunchtime library leaders
  • club room supported play at lunchtime 
  • Bespoke learning interventions
  • SEND in-school offer


Working with partners

With the support of parents, we are able to refer children to other services which can support specific areas of need:

  • Primary Mental Health Nursing Team (link professional C. Renouf)
  • County Inclusive Support Services (link professional T. Wainwright)
  • Speech and Language Therapy 
  • Thrive assessment
  • CAF
  • SEND local offer

How do we know when to offer Early Help?

Parents, or teachers may notice a problem or, pupils may tell us about it themselves. The earlier we act, the easier it is to solve the problem. The more we work together the better the service for families and children.