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Curriculum and Assessment

What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.

The Big Picture


Our aim is to ensure that all pupils are provided with an engaging and challenging curriculum suitable to their needs. We strive to ensure that there is both breadth and rigour to pupils' learning.


To make sure that our learning is fresh and exciting every year, for our mixed classes, we have a two year cycle in place. Lots of our learning is based around a termly theme in the classes from Reception to Year 4. These themes are different each term. Whilst the themed approach allows to explore ideas in depth from different angles, not all subjects fit neatly into each theme so, some will be covered separately. This is often the case with  Mathematics and Languages, for example.


In Upper Key Stage 2, we move away from a themed approach to delivering subjects as discrete lessons. This is in order to prepare pupils for life in secondary school.


Breaking it down

You can find out more about your child's current learning on the class pages or by logging onto Tapestry for Reception Class parents.

Subject by subject

If you'd like to know what to expect next year in French, or find out what we're investigating next in Science you can look at the overview for individual subjects here:


The school uses the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme. You can find out more about it here:



The school does not use a single reading scheme. Instead, we have created our own, colour coded, scheme using books from a range of schemes. This provides a wider variety of  texts from which children can choose. We also use a variety of reading support materials including Dancing Bears and Rapid Reader as best suits the needs of the individual.


Find out more about when and how your child will be assessed.

Measuring and Monitoring Attainment and Progress

We know that performance in national standardised tests (SATs) is important. We work hard to ensure that children are well prepared for these, and we're pleased to say that the school's performance in them has improved rapidly. However, we go out of our way not to turn them into too big a deal. We will not stop lessons in other areas of the curriculum, we will not be sending home practice test, after practice test for months beforehand. We will be educating the whole child, considering their mental well-being and giving them opportunities to shine in ways perhaps not covered in a SATs test. We offer briefings for Year 2&6 parents in the Autumn term so they know what to expect, and can support us in making tests just another part of school life, not the be all and end all.