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Blue Class - Year 4

Welcome to Blue Class! 



Blue Class Home Learning

 The school may be closed but that won't stop us learning!! 

What work you can be doing if you can't access Google Classroom:

  • Read regularly - it doesn't matter what you read as long as you enjoy it! 

Skills to work on: fluency, expression and comprehension. Can your parent ask you some questions? 

  • Write regularly - Remember in class we have been reading the Iron Giant and thinking about creating a newspaper article to report the events. We have been using expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials and conjunctions to increase the complexity of our writing. Continue with this- we are all writers at heart!
  • Practise your maths skills - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You can show your parents how we do column addition, subtraction and multiplication or show them how you draw place value counters. You can show them how you divide using place value counters too! Remember to practise skills such as telling the time or measuring the length of something. 
  • Science - We have been learning about forces. What else can you find out about Magnetism or other forces? 
  • Anglo Saxons - Continue our project about the Anglo Saxons. What else can you find out? What did they believe in? What important battles were there?  
  • PSHE - Healthy body/Healthy me - Research things you can do to keep healthy. Join in with Joe Wicks each day or make up a game. 
  • Creative - Make yourself a sketch book and sketch! What can you create?  
  • PE- Follow Joe Wicks daily workouts on his youtube channel. Cosmic Kids is another great resource full of engaging yoga workouts to take part in. 


Remember if you can't access Google Classroom, please send Mrs Forrest your work as she would love to keep in touch while the school is closed and will enjoy seeing what you have been learning. Please also email  if you need any help. 

Here is a good website to use while schools are closed if you can't access Google Classroom.

Another fabulous week, well done Blue Class!