Our Vision & Values

Our Values and Ethos

We are proud to be an inclusive, learning community where all members are respected regardless of gender, race, age or beliefs. We will not tolerate the expression of prejudice or extremist views.

It is our vision for Ringshall School that;-

Ringshall school will be a community where everyone;-

  • feels a sense of belonging to a supportive, nurturing community.
  • feels enthusiastic about learning.
  • develops the confidence to be the best that they can be.
  • develops a lifelong love of learning.

Ringshall school will be a place where everyone;-

  • behaves in a way that demonstrates respect and understanding.
  • is encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and consider the choices they make.
  • is encouraged to think creatively.
  • is able to use experiences in art, music, dance and drama to enrich their learning.
  • is given quality learning experiences that give a context for their learning.
  • has the opportunity to take part in democratic decision making.